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Friday, 25 February 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pierre gears up for Spring/Summer 2012!

As London Fashion Week comes to a close (22 Feb) Pierre is already in preparation for his S/S 2012 Haute Couture collection!
Walking into his studio on Monday, I was presently surprised to see Pierre and his assistants rolling out and cutting fabric for his next collection!

If his current collection is anything to go by, we are definitely in for a nice treat! If you do not know anything about Pierre, know that he likes to stick to one colour, from head-to-toe.

Any guesses as to what color theme Pierre will use for his S/S 2012 collection?

For hints take a look at his color palette to date.

Pretty Pink

Impressive Ivory 

Black 'Dark Knight' 

'Love is in the air' for Red 
Sea Blue for S/S 2011

Royal Purple for A/W 2011

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Gallery Update: Pierre Garroudi Royal Collection

Photo credits: Jacek Baranowski Photography and Spindle Magazine

Monday, 21 February 2011

Pierre Garroudi wows at Fashion Week with Royal Collection!

Saturday night,19th February 2011 was a packed house as Pierre hosted his Royal themed collection to an impressionable audience, consisting of fashion journalists (Elle, Vogue, The Telegraph and Blow PR), photographers and fashion bloggers.
Pre-show, backstage was oozing with excitement as photographers and illustrators were happily snapping or sketching away as hair,make-up,clothes and accessories was being prepared. Pierre’s demeanor before the show was cool and calm, a true professional.
Delicious cupcakes made by The Alice House were given to guests upon arrival and the audience were kept waiting in suspense has DJ Marcus J provided a mix of dance and house music.
As the spotlights were switched on in Pierre’s own gallery based in the back streets of London Bridge, the audience gushed as the self-constructed runway illuminated -he's quite the handy man!!
This did not seem like your typical Royal themed event, with purple the themed color of choice. Rebellion was definitely the attitude of choice! These queens were on a posing mission and did not care who was watching.
The collection boasted beautiful Haute Couture pieces using silk, cotton and tulle made into intricate dresses using his signature fabric-folding technique, with shoes and accessories to match. The highlights of the show included the amazing purple hair wigs featuring a bird’s nest, a castle and crucifix created by the talented Michael Barnes and Vicky Lord. The show closed with the mother of all the queens, giving cheeky poses as she strutted wearing along tulle skirt, with ruffles and a curly purple wig with a crown on her head.
It was a great night for all involved and Pierre would like to extend his gratitude to everyone that came to see his show and to all his team, models and interns for all their hard work.
A special thanks goes to Coco Lee (production director) Emma Harriet Wright (production assistant) and Magdalena Marciniak (stylist/restyling shoes)
What are your thoughts on Pierre’s collection?
More pictures to follow !

Friday, 18 February 2011

Pierre Garroudi will be presenting ‘Royal’ collection for A/ W 2011 on February 19th

On Saturday 19th February 9pm at the Pierre Garroudi Gallery, London Bridge.
Pierre will be unveiling his exciting new collection which will play on his signature style of manipulating fabrics yet with a 'royal twist'.

If you would like to attend the show please contact.

Pierre Garroudi- pierre@pierregarroudi.com

www. Pierregarroudi.com

Pierre Garroudi S/S 11 'All about the Blue' Collection

Pierre Garroudi unveiled his new collection inspired by all things blue in September.

Take a look at the video below, what do you think about his collection?