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Friday, 3 June 2011

Interview with Pierre Garroudi/ Fashion Flash Mob II

Ravensbourne2011 Interview - Pierre Garroudi from V-Films on Vimeo.

...and don't forget about the fashion Flash mob happening on Wednesdsay 8th June!

After the success of the last 'Red-Stopping' flash-mob, Pierre Garroudi is planning his second street catwalk, taking to some of London's most distinguished avenues with his cast of models and dancers.
This exciting campaign will showcase the 'Turquoise Collection'/Beauty of the Sea*** conveying an aesthetically pleasing experience of creatures born of a mystical island, lost at sea. Pierre's signature style is prominent through the hand-crafted intricacy formed through beautiful fabric manipulation; technically, its all about volume and texture.
Multi-layered matte and sheen silks become second skin to the wearer, portraying scales of reptilian kinds in all their beauty. Magnificent ruffled head pieces and elongated silhouettes are reflective to those of a mermaid, while luxuriously draped neck pieces represent secret ocean treasures.
Join Pierre on his sensational voyage on June 8th. The flash-mob of 20 models will kickstart the journey at 2PM from Pierre Garroudi gallery in London Bridge and will travel to Bond street using one of London's busiest tube lines, finally ending in the acclaimed area, Knightsbridge. Yet again, this will create huge hype with the intention to be even more engaging thana the first. Flash-mob II is a promising head-turner, this pulling surprises from his neatly sewn sleeve.

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